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Six Reasons GoW III Will be Bloody Brilliant

Posted by godofwar3 4/19/09

Kratos is angry. Scratch that - Kratos is the most furious, hate-filled man in the world of games. That's why you see him here, tearing the head off sun god, Helios.

What with Ares tricking him into killing his own family, Zeus destroying his home town of Sparta and other gods attempting to murder him on numerous occasions, it's easy to see why God Of War's balding lead has a bee in his bonnet.

In GOW3, Kratos carries on from where the second game left off. Having fought Zeus and lost his heavenly guardian, Athena, Kratos is determined to bring down the Pantheon of gods that have made his life a misery from the heights of Mount Olympus.

But first he has to get there. That's why he's enlisted the help of the Titans - skyscraper-sized beings enslaved by the gods after a brutal war between the two for control of earth.

It flies in the face of established Greek myth, but authentic license aside, the beauty of the God Of War games is that they never do things needlessly. Everything has a place or a function. However brutal.

Why is Kratos tearing off Helios' head? So he can use it as a fleshy lantern later in the game, to pick his way through the darker parts of Mount Olympus. Obviously. What you can't see here is how brutal this looks in-game, thanks to GOW3's 'velcro-tear' injury system. You can see Helios' neck strain, flesh rip and sinews stretch before his head pops off. Lovely.

1. The blades are back
The Blades of Chaos (Athena's Blades in GOW2) return with a host of new applications. The most interesting new move is the ability to yank enemies towards you for further pummelling, or swing around larger foes to attack from the side or rear as seen in the centaur battle in the trailer.

The huge, lion-head gauntlets revealed in the trailer are called Cestus, and they're inspired by the Gauntlet of Zeus that Kratos picks up in his PSP outing, Chains of Olympus. A meatier weapon than the Blades, their primary purpose is to knock back and stun waves of enemies, who can then be finished off with a stylish flurry from one of the game's other armaments.

In the trailer, they're used to smash chains binding the titan to Mount Olympus, causing the 'level' to flip 90˚. Sony have confirmed there are four main weapons, and that you can change between them in real-time by pressing the appropriate button on the D-pad.

Finally, Kratos has picked up a bow with flaming arrows to finish grunts off at a distance, and with any luck, light up any wooded scenery.

2. You get to ride a Titan
The majority of the game takes place on the back of Empire State Building-sized Titan, Gaia. As she climbs Olympus, Kratos will help out by removing various obstacles in her way and killing the creatures that land on her back.

To give you an idea of how huge Gaia is, the development team have told us that the Medusa stage from God Of War 2 would just about fit into the palm of her hand... The fact that you're riding on something's back means your environment can change quickly.

Say you're butchering centaurs on her arm - if she twists 90, you're suddenly struggling to keep your feet, plus fighting not to lose your lunch...



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