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Eurogamer: God of War III Interview

Posted by godofwar3 4/1/09

To get a sense of just how big a leap Sony's Santa Monica Studio reckons it's made from God of War II on PlayStation 2 to the upcoming PlayStation 3 God of War III, simply recall the leap Kratos took off Mount Olympus in the first one.

"The depth of PlayStation 3 allowed us to dive deeper into the plot itself," says Steve Cash, senior producer, who's just gone through a live demonstration of the game. "The only real way I can describe it is for you to look at the first generation of PS2 games and then look at some of the [later] games. They're all using the same hardware, but people just got a lot better at using the hardware. They learned all the tricks and what the restraints were, and what the best ways to achieve the best results were. The difference in my mind is just astronomical."

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