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CVG Interview: God of War 3 Part 2

Posted by godofwar3 4/14/09

We continue our natter with the man in charge of making sure Kratos' third console outing rocks you like a flying punch to the skull.

In the trailer Kratos uses some super powerful lion-faced fists to smash through groups of enemies and giant rocks - can you describe any other new weapons or powers that will be in the game?

Stig Asmussen: Yeah, the Cestus. We really liked the gameplay of the gauntlets from the PSP game, and we wanted to bring something like that to the PS3. The Cestus are these massive iron gloves, and Kratos can really do a lot of damage with them. He changes his stance when using them, almost like a boxer.

Like I said, when equipping the Cestus, Kratos takes a sort of 'boxer' stance. He moves differently than with the blades. It really is a 'stance shift'. Every weapon will have a shift like this and will change the style of gameplay accordingly.

We also have a fire-bow (temporary name) and 'Hermes Boots' which will allow Kratos to perform a wall-run move, great for combat and navigation.

We also have the 'Helios Head' that when equipped will reveal secret locations and functions as a sort of flashlight in dark areas.

There are many more items and weapons, but we will save those for later...

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